The Perfect Settee

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I’m excited to say that I finally found my perfect little settee for my sunroom. It just fits so charming in the room and goes very well with the rest of the house decor. It makes the narrow space larger, since I sold my large chair and a half. I was looking all over for it, and I had a budget. Did I go above my budget? Shamefully to say…I did. But it’s a floor model and I did get a really good deal on it and was able to negotiate the price. The scalloped-edge back was what sold me and after I stopped by this store and saw a very similar piece at a very ridiculous price…well I had to buy it. In the future I may make some changes to create more depth–like get a colorful rug or paint the wainscoting. But right now I’m content. Now I can sit in my sunroom happily soaking in the rays with little issues!

Fun fact, I found out that in the UK they call their sunrooms conservatories. How strange is that? Quaint sounding, isn’t it? “Oh i’m going to sit in the conservatory for a bit, just waiting for the sun and the radiators to heat the conservatory before I enjoy a spot of tea in there!” Actually, phrasing it like that makes it sound really attractive. Perhaps i’ll call my room a conservatory…

No, i’m much too stuck in my American ways!

Oh, by the way. I searched everyday on craiglist for a settee to reupholster and found a lot of cute pieces, but when it came down to it I didn’t have the guts (or the time!) to take on the project. Now I’m second guessing that after my friend Mary told me about this blog with step-by-step instructions on how to reupholster a chair.

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