Outdoor Winter Birch Planters

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How to make Outdoor Winter Planters with these step-by-step tutorial from Darling Darleen
outdoor winter birch planters

Outdoor Winter Birch Planters

Outdoor Winter Birch Planters seem to be available everywhere here in the Northeast, and are a traditional style of front porch decoration.  You don’t see this style of winter planters in the South, so I was excited to make up these outdoor winter birch planters from the clippings of my Christmas tree.  Birch branches are difficult to find in the South, but they are available at most stores in the North and priced well.  These outdoor winter birch planters are easy to make and add a gorgeous statement to your winter outdoor decorating!

supplies for outdoor winter birch planters

Supplies for making an Outdoor Winter Birch planters can be clippings from your Christmas tree, clippings from evergreen plants in your yard or greenery branches from your local flower shop.  Like I said, these planters are very popular in the Northeast mostly because the many of the greenery can be found right in your backyard.  But if you don’t leave in the Northeast, all of these clippings can be at your local flower shop.  


Urn or large planter (filled with dirt)

Birch branches (cut down with varying heights)

Fir clippings 

White Pine clippings

Seeded Eucalyptus

Juniper spray with berries 

Boxwood Evergreen (could be found in your yard)

Curly branches

Pine cones (get the scented one for a new welcoming scent to your guests)

I picked up a couple of tiny fir trees for my other urns, but if you can’t find birch branches, then fir trees can be used as your center for the outdoor winter planters or anything that creates height.

Take three birch branches that are varying heights and poke them in the center of the pot, pushing them down into the soil.

Take your fir branch clipping and stick them around the birch branches.  Place your juniper berry clipping on top of the fir.

Easy to Make Outdoor Winter Planters with these step-by-step tutorial from Darling Darleen

Seeded eucalyptus branches are floppy, and great to fill in under the fir branches that have open spots. They also are a different color of green and add a good variation of the planters and bring out the tiny blue berries on the juniper branches.  

Easy to Make Outdoor Winter Planters with these step-by-step tutorial from Darling Darleen

Take the boxwood clippings and continue to fill in empty spaces to make your outdoor winter planter full.  

Finish it off with your curly branches placed in the middle of the planter. Then take your scented pine cones and scatter a few around the branches of your planters.  

How to make Outdoor Winter Birch Planters with clippings from your tree via Darling Darleen

Enjoy your holiday porch with your new outdoor winter birch planters!

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