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Our playroom has been a little out of control lately especially after Christmas. It needed a good cleanup. So I went through and threw out broken toys, removed toys that don’t get played with and organized, organized, organized. The toys on the shelves were mishmashed in their bins, and I know that my kids aren’t interested when it’s a bin filled with cars and my little pony. We have a few of the PB large canvas buckets around the room, which I love. They are so sturdy and washable and last a long time. But they are expensive, especially if you are going to need one for each cubbie on a shelf. So instead I reused our collapsible bins from Target and replaced any that were thrashed. After I reorganized each bin, I tied label tags on them with metal rims, so the paper doesn’t get ripped.

I kept toys in the bin that we had a large quanitity of like cars, trains, ponies, barbie. And any toys that were tiny (polly pockets, barbie accessories), I put in a variety of different, shaped containers from Ikea and Home Goods. Stella loves opening up a container and finding it filled only with barbie shoes or only barbie food items. Everything now has a place! I also got clear plastic storage bins and filled with race car tracks, paper dolls, baby doll clothes, etc. I made room on a reachable shelf in the playroom closet. It’s been so nice now to go into the room and play.
How do you organize your playroom? I still need tips.

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