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Guest Bathroom: Before + After. We bought our southern house about two years ago from a builder. It was a spec home, which means it was a new build but not custom (we couldn’t pick any of the finishes out) and everything inside was builder grade. We have been slowly making changes throughout the house, especially with the light fixtures. We still have a lot left to do, but for big jobs like painting the whole house, we may decide to get in touch with a Sacramento general contractor, for example, as they will be able to get the job done professionally and will be less stress for us when it comes to improving the home.

Anyway, the house was all brown when we bought it–outside, inside and all the details. As my Dad would say…’cum on builders! Get with the program! And I would finish that off with…that’s SO 1998. Well, first thing we did was paint the entire house a soft gray, switching out the brown paint color. It did take quite a long time, that it would probably have been done a lot faster if we got help from professional painters in Portland, Oregon (for example) to help us out. But we got through it eventually. We added wallpaper to many rooms. One was the guest bathroom. And we just finally switched out the light fixture and mirror in the guest bathroom.

Here are the before “progressing” pictures. I didn’t get a picture of the bathroom right after we moved in without the wallpaper, but you get the idea. We never painted this room but instead just added wallpaper.

Here is the “after”. Just a few minor changes can make a big impact. I wanted to keep the southern feel of the house, so I didn’t want to go too modern. But the light fixture has a traditional contemporary look. The light fixture is suppose to face down but because of the mirror size, I had to flip it facing up. It works because of the height of the ceiling and still adds a ton of light. I will say that to update the house I’ve been going with a chrome finish on fixtures regardless that the faucets and door handles are brown antique bronze. I think it is OKAY to mix metals in a room. All the links and resources are below.
guest bathroom, powder room, venetian mirror
guest bathroom, powder room, wallpaper, venetian mirror, bathroom with window
guest bathroom, powder room, wallpaper, window

Get the look:

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