DIY Metal Bench Ikea Hack

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DIY Metal Bench IKEA Hack

This IKEA hack is one of my favorites. I’ve been wanting a contemporary modern metal bench to go in a corner of our foyer, and haven’t been able to find one that is the right size and the right price. When friends come over usually that corner is where kids throw their shoes and bags and coats. This metal bench IKEA hack is the best because it serves as a modern storage unit and a comfortable seat. The whole piece cost me about $70, but I had fabric on hand and most supplies. But even if you had to buy a yard of fabric, you can complete this DIY metal bench IKEA hack for under $100. You might remember this DIY marble gold coffee table IKEA hack, which is very similar to this DIY hack except you add a cushion and fabric. This is really easy and you can complete this project in about 30 minutes. Of course, if you’re more handy than I am with metalwork, you might even want to buy some metal of your own from somewhere like to make a bench frame that is totally unique! I know enough about metal to understand that to make your own table you’ll probably need to get welding, so you’ll probably need to use a welder. You can find the Top rated stick welder at Welding Insider if you’re interested!




VittsJO Nesting Tables

gold metallic spray paint

Foam Cushion–3″ you might be able to get it cheaper at a local fabric store

tacky glue spray


staple gun

1 yard of fabric. I bought my fabric here and it was leftover fabric from a previous project


Follow the directions for putting together the Vittsjo coffee table. Once you have the coffee table frame together, spray paint it gold making sure to completely cover all leg posts. While it is drying, take the wooden rectangle board and place on top of the foam to measure. Cut the foam to the size of the wooden board. Then take the adhesive spray glue and spray one side of the board and gentle place the foam down on the board, firmly securing with the glue. This will help keep the foam from shifting on the board.


Then place the foam-side of the board on top of the wrong-side of the fabric. Cut down the fabric, leaving enough fabric to cover the sides of the board and foam and about 1 inch of the bottom board. I also folded the edges of the fabric to prevent fraying.


Take your staple gun and secure the fabric by stapling it around the board. Follow this technique to staple the corners of the board.


After completely covering the wooden board, you can gently place it on the gold bench frame. You could use the metal tabs from the frame to drill the cushion part to the frame. But I just placed mine on the frame and haven’t had any problems with it moving. Then take the glass part and place it on the bottom. It gives it a clean contemporary look, and is great to place a basket on it for storage.

ikea-hack-metal-gold-bench gold-metal-bench-with-fabric gold-metal-bench-DIY entry-way-metal-bench diy-metal-bench gold-metal-bench-ikea-hack-diy

Easy right?! I am so in love. What to do with the other nesting table?? Simple. Spray paint it gold too and use it as a side table. Here are some other fun DIY IKEA hacks:

10 Minute Fur Stool


Gold Marble Coffee Table


Tassel Curtains


Here are some other modern gold metal benches

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