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The bathroom demolition started today, and we’ve already uncovered “issues”. So it is good that we are taking care of it before a huge disaster happens. Here are before pictures to give you a glimpse of the desperation. My sister said to me in horror…”I can’t believe you’ve been bathing your children in THAT tub.” Yes, I’m a horrible. But we are making giant steps. And I’m praying that it comes out looking clean and new, but keeping with the colonial style of the home. We decided to put in a new floor after our contractor told us he wouldn’t charge extra to install since it’s easier for him to rip up instead of maintain. I picked out a beautiful Italian carrara honeycomb marble for the floor. White subway tiles in the tub area. White bead boarding around the bathroom. Polish chrome for the fixtures. New window. New paint. My question is do I go with an espresso sink vanity or white sink vanity?

In fact, I guess my first question should be, which plumber should I call to help me sort out all of the potential plumbing issues that I may face when making these changes to my bathroom? My friend recommended to me that I should try and find someone who offers similar services to what this plumber from Seven Hills has on offer. I have never even thought about it before, but there is a big possibility that I would need to have some issues fixed or sorted before being able to use my new bathroom. I wonder if the espresso sink vanity or white sink vanity would make a difference in the plumbing system? I guess this is something that they will be able to tell me. I just can’t wait for it to be finished, I’m so excited to see what the end product will look like.

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