5 Easy Fall Porch Ideas

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Pumpkins and Mums for this year’s Fall Porch Decor

In the Northeast, we have a strong vibrant Fall with gorgeous colors of burgundy, mustard yellows, burnt orange, pink mauve and chartreuse greens. These beautiful colors and the warm Fall days makes this season one to fall in love with. So with my fall porch decor, I wanted to bring those colors in so I can see them everyday right at the comfort of home! Decorating a porch is really quite easy but here are 5 easy fall porch ideas to get you started.

1. Decorate with Fall Flowers

This is of course the top item on the 5 easy fall porch ideas because it is easy, and you probably see fall flowers for sell everywhere from grocery stores to the local markets. Chrysanthemums, or also knowns as mums, come in so many brightly autumn colors and they are also well-priced. I bought my mums for only $3 each at this nation-wide garden store. Also, I used a lot of different textured pots to hold my mums in. There are also so many other fall flowers–pansy, croton, aster, dianthus, purple fountain grass and decorative cabbage and kale. Get creative and have fun decorating with fall flowers.

2. Pumpkins and Gourds

Another easy way to decorate from our 5 easy fall porch ideas are pumpkins and gourds. They are so fun and immediately transform a porch to fall. I love the accessibility to the fantasy pumpkins, white pumpkins and blue cinderella pumpkins. What is great is that they easily can be used from September to November–from Halloween all the way to Thanksgiving. You can get many of these from the pumpkin patch or your local market. I picked mine from Trader Joes for a very reasonable price.

3. Add a Outdoor Rug

Bring texture and a cozy feel by adding an outdoor rug. This is another easy fall porch idea. Layer your front door mat with a slightly large outdoor sisal or jute rug for depth and to make it more festive. If you have the space on your porch, add a sisal rug to warm the space up and make it inviting to enjoy even when the temps drop.

4. Bring the Indoors Outdoors

If you have the space, why not make it inviting even in the fall? Best way to do that is bring the indoors outdoors. This is easy fall porch idea is accomplished with pillows and throws! If you have a rocking chair or a porch swing, add pillows and throws on it. Best place for your morning cup of tea or for me waiting for my kids to come home from the bus or an afternoon read.

5. Candles and Other Ideas

Fill lanterns with candles or pinecones or pumpkins are another easy fall porch idea. Add a fall wreath with cranberry branches and greenery to your front door. Tall cornstalks placed on both sides of the front door is another easy fall porch idea. Another decor idea is adding moss to flower porches and in between stacking pumpkins.

Have fun decorating with these 5 easy fall porch ideas!

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