DIY: Tulip Cabbage Flower Arrangement for Easter

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Tulip-Cabbage-Flower-Arrangment-for-Easter, diy cabbage flower centerpiece, easter table centerpiece

DIY: Tulip Cabbage Flower Arrangement for Easter

For my Easter table this year, I wanted to create a centerpiece that had Springtime written all over it.  Using seasonal flowers, this tulip cabbage flower arrangement does just that!  Brings the garden to the table, the centerpiece is fresh and alive with colorful farm to table goodness.  It reminds me of something Peter Rabbit might bring home from the cabbage field.  Don’t you agree?  Tulips are in season so this is the best time to enjoy and use them for your Easter table.  I bought three bunches (30 stems) for $12 at my local Whole Foods.  Talk about a deal!  And the cabbage is about $1.50.  Easy to arrange and budget-friendly, this tulip cabbage flower arrangement is inviting for all to enjoy and reminds us of rebirth and life during this Easter season.




tulips (or other spring flowers like hyacinth, daffodils)

Cabbage with pretty leaves on the outside

paring knife

Wet foam block (or you can use a small mason jar, but I like the look of a foam block to make the arrangement look full)

flower shears

cabbage-inside-out cabbage-how-to-cut-to-make-arrangment cabbage-center-for-tulips

Take your cabbage and make sure the base is flat.  Cut the bottom if needed.  Separate the outside leaves away from the center.  Discard any leaves that are brown or wilted.  Using your knife, cut out a hole in the center of the cabbage that is large enough for the foam.  Save all the yummy cabbage insides for a large Chinese chicken salad (yum).

cabbage-making-flower-container Cabbage-base-for-flower-arrangement tulip-cabbage

Take your larger knife and cut down the wet foam to a small square.  Make sure to fully saturate the foam in water and let it soak, so it’s heavy with water.  Cut down the corners so it fits perfectly in the cabbage hole.


Take your shears and cut three flowers at a time and cut to the height you’d like.  Remove any loose leaves.  I like working with flower wet foam because you have ton of control of how you’d like the flowers to be placed.  High, low, at an angle.  Gently push the flowers in the wet foam, working in circular manner.  Spinning the cabbage.  You can stay in the center and work toward the outside or vice versa.  I alternated colors every three flowers .


Once the foam is fully covered, place your cabbage on a tray or platter to protect your table.  Make sure to add a little water every 1-2 days.

Enjoy your tulip cabbage flower arrangement this Easter!

Tulip-Cabbage-Flower-Arrangement, cabbage flower centerpiece, DIY flower arrangement, Easter flower centerpiece


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