DIY: Painted Jars Anthro Style

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Here’s a fun paint project that you can do with a big kid.  I have a love for mason jars and all the craft ideas that put them to use.  And these painted jars are a perfect example.  You can use them as a colorful flower vase or a jar to stash loose change. 

I saw the idea at Anthropologie as a flower display and loved the collection of painted jars.  (They always have the best art project ideas…huh).

Gather your supplies:

Instructions Below:
1. Take a clean mason jar in your hand.  Tilt it a little and pour on the inside rim one paint color about 1/2″ to 1″.  Then right next to that color, pour another color on the top inside rim. Repeat until you use all your colors.  I suggest using 3-4 colors per jar.
2.  Tap your jar against the table so the paint drips down the inside of the jar.  A small puddle of paint will collect on the bottom of your jar.  Now the fun begins!  Take your paintbrush and gradually brush the paint around the bottom and up the other side.  Let the colors mix, but not too much.
3. Add a little water to your paint brush to create more variation in the colors.  Don’t get too carried away.  You want the colors to be mixed together but still separated.  And you don’t want your jar becoming one blob of a concoction of colors. 
4.Repeat with a new jar.  Let the paint dry 36 hours!

5. Once the paint has fully dried, spray 2-3 coated of acrylic sealer on the paint to provide a protective finish.
6. Enjoy!  (My older two loved this project) 

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