DIY Ikea Hack White Fur Stool

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DIY Ikea Hack White Fur Stool : You might have seen similar DIY Ikea hack white fur stool projects on Pinterest, but I changed some of the steps to make it a 10-minute Ikea hack project with less supplies.  This diy ikea hack white fur stool project is much easier and you might have most the supplies on hand.  How cute would it be to make a whole bunch of these white fur stools for a girlfriend luncheon or birthday party?  These stools are inexpensive (about $10) and the project is a quickie!   Also, it looks really cute under my acrylic console table.  Or put it in a bathroom corner.  It’s small enough to squeeze even in a powder bathroom.  Add just the perfect touch of glam to a room.



Ikea Marius Stool

Mongolian Fur

Foam (optional)

Exacto Knife

Adhesive Spray



First thing first!  If you want to spray paint the legs of the stool, make that the first step.  Or if you like it white, keep it.  I spray painted mine gold metallic.  Spray painting will add some minutes to this DIY Ikea hack white fur stool project, but if you do it the first step then while it is drying do the other steps.

Okay so I wanted to add foam to my stool to add some height and dimension especially with the fur.  You can skip this step if you don’t mind a hard furry stool!  I just thought a soft furry stool is a little better!  Also, if you can find a white foam instead of blue that would be best.  I had to add white fabric under the white fur because you could kind of see of the blue.  I bought my foam at a fabric store with a 50% coupon so it was about $2.

Take your foam and place the round stool top on the foam.  Outline with a sharpie.  Cut with an exacto knife.  Then using spray adhesive, spray the top of the foam.  Then flip over and press it down on the top of the plastic stool top.


Cut your white fur so it will cover the sides of the foam/plastic top.  Spray the adhesive spray all around on the foam then place it down on the wrong side of the white fur fabric.  The plastic stool top should be exposed.  Wait a minute.  Then gently pull the white fur fabric covering the sides and using the adhesive spray to secure to the plastic bottom.  Trust me.  It will stick!


Cut the fabric around the screw holes.  You don’t want to cover them up!  Also, cut away any excess fabric.  Continue to use the adhesive spray to secure the fur.


Once the white fur is all glued onto the plastic, follow the Ikea directions with screwing on the stool legs.  Make sure the legs are dried before you screw them on to the top.  Also the legs will help to secure the white fur, so over time the fur doesn’t start drooping.

Voila!  You are done!! Easy peasy!  And now you’ve got a cute stool with minimal effort.





Want to see more white fur stools you can buy?


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