DIY: Constellation Horoscope Jewelry Dish

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I tend to give my jewelry away as presents to my girlfriends’ for their birthday or special events.  It’s kind of a given!  But for some time I’ve been wanting to add a little something else to the jewelry gift, so it’s not always the obvious necklace or pair of earrings.  So of course the next idea I thought was something for the jewelry to go in.  Another obvious!  But this craft idea I love and am kind of obsessed with right now.  Personalized and functional all in one, the constellation horoscope jewelry dish is just so easy (and cheap), you’ll want to make one for all your girlfriends.

This easy project requires just a few items and 10 minutes of your time.

Supply List:
small ceramic bowl or box.  I got mine from Target for $2
graphite paper
gold metallic sharpie pen (get oil-based paint!–very important so it doesn’t rub off over time)
writing pen
constellation horoscope print out

Instructions: print out the constellation printable.  Cut out the horoscope zodiac sign.  Then cut a small square of graphite paper.  You want to cut both the size/shape of the bowl. Place both in the bowl with the graphite writing side down.

Take your pen and trace the horoscope sign.  Apply pressure so the graphite transfers.  Once you are done, take it off and you will see the shape on the dish.  

Then take your oil-based metallic sharpie pen and retrace over the design.  Let it dry for few minutes then admire and make more!  That simple.  

Caution!  You might get addicted and all these little dishes will end up all over the house!  And its a favorite to have right on your night stand.  

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