Candy Airplane Valentines

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For my preschooler’s valentines this year we decided to have a little fun and change up the normal card giving. After all, what preschooler actually reads the valentine card? Lucas told me his valentines had to have candy. So, we decided to do candy airplanes! Sweet and interactive. Just what little boys need.

We had a lot of fun building the airplanes together. Stella constructed the planes, I put on the banners and Lucas watched and ate up any broken parts.

If you haven’t done valentines for your child yet, this is a fun project to do together. Here’s what you’ll need.

  • 1 candy cane stick for the body (I purchased mine from michaels in the wedding section)
  • 2 gum sticks (wings)
  • 2 lifesavers (wheels)
  • 1 red rubber band (craft store or office supply store)
  • 2″x3″ red paper
  • heart stickers
  • happy valentines banner (see below for download)
  • hole punch
  • string

All you do is take the 2 gum sticks and put them together. I used 2 gum sticks instead of one to make the wings sturdy. Wrap the red paper around the two gum sticks and tape on the bottom. Next thread the rubber band through the two lifesavers and balance the candy stick in between the two lifesavers. Then take your wings and place on top of the candy stick perpendicular and then pull the rubber band up and over the wings on both side. I wrapped the rubber band twice to make it secure. Use the heart stickers to decorate the front.

Download the FREE happy valentine’s airplane banner. Print on cardstock, cut out and have your child write their name on the back. Hole punch the corners of the banner and thread string through it and tie to candy stick wrapper.

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