Back-to-School Crafts: DIY Tassel Necklaces

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DIY Tassel Necklaces: We said goodbye to summer last week and are now back at school…still in our summer haze though. With school comes back-to-school shopping, and my girls love all the new clothes, shoes and accessories they want to buy. As a kid, one of my favorite things I enjoyed about going back to school was wearing new clothes and planning out my outfits for each day. I always liked to accessorize. My little girls are obsessed with necklaces so keeping them away was difficult. I am planning to get her a personalized name necklace as I know she’ll love it. A cute necklace with do that to any outfit. But for now, we made some long tassel necklaces for them to wear with their new outfits. And now I want to put a tassel on just about everything!

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All these craft supplies came from a hobby store (like Michaels or Hobby Lobby). I bought a bead box and the embroidery thread cost about 40 cents for each one so you can make a lot of tassel necklaces for just under $10!

The step-by-step is really easy and fast to make and easy enough for an older child to put together.
1. Take the entire bundle of thread without taking off the packaging
2. Fold in half
3. Wrap another thread around and around the top portion
4. Tie it off with a square knot
5. Add a metal jump ring to the loop, making sure to include ALL the threads on the ring
6. Take the packaging off and evenly cut the bottom

To make the beaded necklace, cut the cord about twice as long as you’d like the length. Take the flexible needle and thread the cord in the hole. We made a knotted necklace, so you can string the bead and then tie a knot then string the bead and then a knot. Keep doing that until you get your desired length. We made the necklaces long enough so we just knotted the necklace off with a square knot. Or to make the necklace quicker, you can just string the beads on the cord, ending with a square knot. To attach the tassel, take another jump ring and secure the tassel on the necklace. Add as many tassels onto one necklace with a jump ring!

Make one for you and add multiple tassels to a simple long gold chain!

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