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I threw together this baby shower idea using only paper–no computer printing or design work.  Easy for anyone to do–and very low cost!  Just takes a little time to put together. I bought a few different 12×12 coordinating paper within the color theme I was trying to go for–soft tones of blue, grey and yellow.  These are fun party ideas for anyone to do–low cost and a good way to put paper to use. 

Topper flags make a simple cupcake festive and an extra lovely way to top off your cupcake creation.  Buy wooden skewers or toothpick then cut 1/2 inch strips of your 12×12 paper.  Wrap the paper strip around the skewer and wrap it like you would do to a tie around a neck.  Then cut the ends.  Decorative cupcake wrappers also make fun topper flags–fold in half twice then hot glue to a toothpick.  Simple.

Banners are a great way to honor the mommy-to-be (or birthday kid).  With this banner, I measured and then cut my 12×12 paper into rectangles then snipped the bottom to make it look like a flag and hot glued it on thick yarn.  For the letters, I used a stencil.  Or you can free hand it.   

Cut more 1/2 inch strips of paper for serving cups and then made decorative windmills from 6×6 inch paper that I cut down from the 12×12 inch paper. 

Tiny baby food jars make really great favors!  Fill it with candy or in this example I used flowers.  Clean the jar then paint the bottom with craft paint.  Let it dry upside down.  I used an alphabet stamp for the thank you tag that I stamped on the remains of the paper I was using.  I used a 1.5″ flower punch then I stamped and attached with some kraft ribbon.

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