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I just completed our Christmas advent calendar.  We have been doing advent calendars every year since my oldest was able to walk, and I like to change the calendar style every year.  You can see view our previous calendars.  So this year I used a cork board and made a festive garland to hang small envelopes.  Inside each envelope are little notecards with daily Christmas activities.  We open up each envelope to countdown Christmas.  My kids love it, and its a good way to get into the Christmas holiday. 

I’ve seen around in the craft stores puff and felt balls and have been collecting them for some craft project.  So I thought it would be fun to make a garland out of the balls.  
All you need for the garland are : an assortment of felt or puff balls, scissors, string and needle.  I bought my balls from Michaels and Hobby Lobby.  But you can also buy felt balls online.  Cut your string to desired length.  Thread through needle and then string the balls.  There is no need to knot.  The balls will stay if you used a thickier, textured string.

Once I got the garland made, I stenciled numbers onto little envelopes.  The stencil and little envelopes are from Michaels. 

I used a cork board for the garland’s backdrop, but the garland alone would work if you want to hang it from the wall.  I covered my corkboard with fabric.  Then I pinned the garland to the backside with pushpins.  Rearranged the balls to the front so the corkboard lays flat.  Use small clothespins (craft store) to hang from the garland and to hold the envelopes.  Then you are all set for a month of Christmas madness!

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