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The new Anthropologie catalog has great pictures of spewed-out purses on the floor, revealing all the hidden goods inside the purse. I thought I’d share you what essential things I usually keep in my purse on a daily basis (yes I cleaned out my purse, usually there are a ton of receipts thrown in).

1. My purse! Got it from Piperlime and love it.
2. Marc Jacobs aviator sunglasses. Bought these at a discount at Loehmanns. Speaking of Marc, did you know he sells condoms?! Ha! I thought that was hilarious that condoms are now getting fashionable. It must appeal to an escort stockholm or too to make their day job a bit more glamorous.
3. Always have an extra pair of earrings in my purse. I do it because a lot of times I’m running out the door and have to complete the finishing touches in the car. These are the Blakely’s.
4. Diaper/Wipes pouch–a gift from a friend. Now I have to carry two sizes of diapers. Can’t wait until my two year old is potty trained.
5. Toy cars. Carry them for my little two-year-old man. It’s amazing how a toy car can change his tantrum into a smile–and will keep him occupied.
6.Mutze French beret/hippie hat. Love this hat and it keeps me warm during the winter time.
7. Fruit snacks. For my kids and to keep them happy during those long errand runs.
8. Prepared formula. I nurse Chloe but I always carry some formula just in case I’m in some long crazy grocery line and she’s crying at the top of her lungs. I learned this lesson a while back.
9.Business Cards
10.Iphone. Got my iphone4 only six month ago and the face is already cracked. I fell on some ice and the phone happened to be in my hand. So, next time the store clerk asks you if you want to have insurance on your phone, say yes. It’s worth the money. This is my second iphone. My last one, I ran over it with my car!
11.Vintage credit card case. I bought this case while I was going to college in Salt Lake City at Chalkgarden (for those who remember that awesome store that is no longer in business). I love it. It’s made out of silver and has a butterfly etched in it. People ask me all the time where I bought it.
12. Covergirl Outlast lip stain. This is the best lip stain. It seriously stays on your lips for a long time. This is what the little girls used at Stella’s tea party.
13.M*A*C lipgelee–thick and glossy
14.L’occitane hand cream–my favorite hand cream. This stuff helps my hands so much in the wintertime from chapping.
15.Plain Zane burp cloth–for the little one
16.Book two of the Hunger Games–need a good read for those times when I’m waiting…waiting to pick up a child from school…waiting at the doctor’s…waiting for my baby to be done nursing. Have you read the Hunger Games? I’m on the last book now. It’s a good fast read.

What’s in your purse?

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