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Holiday Shopping for the Teen Boy that is Hard to Shop For
Holiday Shopping for the Teen Boy that is hard to shop for. Check out our Teen Boy gift guide. A gift every teen boy! || Darling Darleen Top CT Lifestyle Blogger

Raise your hand if you have a teenager boy and you don’t know what to get them for the holidays?! That is me for sure and this list was not easy to gather. I interviewed my two boys along with their friends, and this is the teen boy gift guide we came up with. Of course boys have many different interests and likes so I know this isn’t going to hit all the teen boys out there. I tried to keep it a general holiday list, but it does have some really great gift ideas so I think you may be able to find something for that special teen boy in your life. I hope this teen boy gift guide is helpful and make sure to check out past gift guide. You may find something on that list.

Here is my breakdown on Teen Boy gift guide. If you have any ideas leave a comment!

  1. All the teens love the double basketball indoor hoops. This basketball hoop is foldable for easy storage.
  2. Electric bikes are all the rage around here and how most kids are getting to school!
  3. Winter puffer jacket that isn’t THAT puffy but will keep your teen son warm. Perfect to wear over a hoodie.
  4. I can’t believe crocs are back in style BUT they are with teenage boys.
  5. If you have a child that is a Star Wars fan, this is a special coffee table book from the early trilogy.
  6. My sons have a telescope and we have really enjoyed look through it especially when the weather is warmer. We pull it out and have a special spot outside.
  7. All your gaming or movies can be shown on this projection that connects to a phone.
  8. You can never go wrong with Nike shorts!
  9. My boys have love their drone set from a couple Christmas ago. They like to take footage and see from a bird’s eye.
  10. Anyone want to play night time b-ball? Fun to use during the summer months to play a game of basketball.
  11. Gaming chairs are a must-have for comfort and even during homework (so my son says!)
  12. Duffel bag for travel or sport games. Perfect to carry all of their essential items. Comes in multiple sizes and colors.
  13. This might be what mom wants–an instant charger for their phone so you keep in contact with them when they are out with friends.
  14. I’m hearing this over and over from all the teenagers–Apple air Max headphones
  15. Can’t believe Air jordans are back but they are back and just as popular (and expensive!)
  16. Popular item last year but the oculus quest set seems to be still all the rave.

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