Tips on How to Dress After Pregnancy

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Tips On How to Dress After Pregnancy
Dressing after pregnancy can be tricky…really tricky. So I’ve wanted to do a post on tips on how to dress after pregnancy. I’ve done it four times, and I can attest how depressing and difficult it can be to find clothes that fit correctly in the months after having a baby. The clothes you wore before pregnancy likely won’t fit yet and maternity clothes will probably be loose fitting for your non-pregnant frame. Or in my case…I was SO sick of wearing my maternity clothes; they were not getting back on me. That’s not to say you can’t feel glamorous when you are pregnant though. There are millions of maternity photoshoot pictures out there, like the ones by Olga Topchii Photographer, which are absolutely gorgeous! It’s just, in my case, I prefer my non-pregnancy wardrobe!

So, what do you do? Well, I have a darling friend Kellie, who just had her third baby and she is rockin’ your post-pregnancy bod. Every time I see her she’s got something cute on and looking so fashionable. Her clothes fit properly and look great. She’s not compromising her style. So, we put our brains together and came up with a list of how to dress after pregnancy. This is coming from the experts!

Top and pants and sandals from Forever 21
Jewelry from Darleen Meier Jewelry

1. Shop trends at affordable places like Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, H&M, Target. Stores where you don’t feel like you are overspending on clothes that you probably won’t be wearing next year. Go cheap.

2. Buy pants and shorts that have Lycra or some kind of stretch in it. Leggings work great too! You’ll get the most wear time out of them as you lose the baby weigh.

3. This is a great combo: loose-fitting tops with fitted bottoms. Or vice versa depending on your body type and where you want to hide the weight. For instance, if you wear leggings then pair it with a tunic top that will cover your curves, butt and baby belly. Skinny pants (with a stretch) and a loose fitting top is one of my favorite post-pregnancy combo. You can give the illusion that you are much smaller than you really are!

Carmen necklace and Andi bracelet
Carmen earrings

4. Dress the trends. If mint and coral are the colors for summer, then buy something in that color. It will keep you current and make you feel good about yourself that you haven’t lost your creativity or self.

5. Accessorize! Jewelry can always keep you up to trend. Wear a simple t-shirt and dress it up with a statement jewelry piece from somewhere like Haruni or another boutique jeweler. Wide belts help hide the tummy. Scarves are great if you are nursing or wanting a distraction from the stomach region. And good thing is that accessories can be worn regardless of size! If your feet happened to swell during pregnancy, you can find some really great wide fitting shoes around!

Top: Express, Pants: Zara, Shoes: DSW
Darleen Meier Jewelry

6. Dress for what flatters your assets. If you are self concious about certain body parts (stomach, butt, arms, legs), then don’t wear things that draw attention there. Wear longer tops, darker jeans, cardigans. Layering clothes can help with what you don’t like.

7. Buy stretchy, cotton skirts. Currently, maxi skirts are the trend. This is a perfect piece to hide so much and that can be worn with flip flops or a summer wedge. Stretchy skirts can really go from a casual day at the park to a night out with your husband. I’ve heard that some people get some faboulous dresses with stretchy skirts from websites similar to when they have to dress more formally and don’t want to comprise on comfort. One of the best parts is that since its a hire dress you don’t have to worry about changing shape and not fitting into it anymore before you can just give it back!

8. Do your hair. Put make up on. I know you have been up late with a newborn. You are probably on no sleep, and the last thing you want to do is blow dry your hair. But trust me. You will feel so much better about yourself and how you feel. Don’t compromise on who you are!

9. Don’t underestimate the color of black. Black is the color that will hide SO much. I remember wearing a lot of black tops with colorful bottoms. It’s basic and works well with extra pounds.

Jaguar and Rockette and Andi bracelets
Bliss bib necklace (COMING SOON)
Top and shorts: Old Navy, Shoes: Roxy
Darleen Meier Jewelry

10. Dress for your lifestyle. Wear realistic outfits that fit what is going on for the day. Nursing tank tops offer support while covering your stomach if you breastfeed and helps slim the body lines. You can still wear a fun trendy top over the tank top. Spanx shapewear really can help when you’ve got to squeeze into a fitted skirt or dress.

11. Button down cotton tops work great for breastfeeding mothers. Or cotton t-shirts. Anything that provides a “give” and you can pull up.

12. Use colors…somewhere! Whether it’s in your clothes, bag or accessory. Keeps with the trends and add another form of distraction.

13. And remember to smile! It’s all worth it!

What are some of your tips on dressing post-pregnancy body?

Little Owl necklace, Word script bracelet
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