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Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, grandmothers, nannies, role models, and all women who play important roles in children and adult lives!  I had a beautiful Mother’s Day this year.  Nothing too special, but just a day I got to fully spend with my family.  I love the little things my children did for me that they knew would bring a smile to my face.  I haven’t been very personal on my blog in a long time and have change the tone and direction of the posts on my blog.  But I do want to say that I love my most important role in life and that is being a mother to my children.  They are my pride and joy!  They make my life complete and are my everything.  I have learned so much from them.  Mostly, how I can be a better person and the weaknesses I have and need to make stronger.  Also, how I can be a better mother, sister, friend and overall better person.

Honestly, life as Mom as been a difficult balancing act for me this year.  I feel like I am coming to an end of the baby years and entering the pre-teenage years.  While at the same time for me, I’m grappling with the thoughts of what am I going to do next since I’m not going to be pregnant, nursing or chasing a toddler anymore.  My last child is coming out of the baby stage and requests more independence while still needing a lot of attention.  And my oldest is entering middle school and processing the rapidly-changing world around her while still having quite a bit of innocence in her.  Each one of my children have different strengths and emotions, and each need to be loved and discipled different from each other.  I feel like daily I need to constantly be paying attention to those signals in my children so I don’t miss an opportunity to teach and love.  I want to protect and be their guardian from dangers of the world; however, I know that is not possible so I just want to do my best, teach them properly, love them unconditionally and give all of me to them…and I hope I don’t screw up along the way. 

I will say that I do a lot of praying to God about each one my children–asking for guidance, wisdom and direction, ways to handle different situations and lots of forgiveness…because many times I screw up.  Anyway, motherhood has been a huge learning process and continues to be so.  But it is also one of the greatest gifts I cherish.

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