Holiday Gift Guide for Teen Boys

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Look no further! The ultimate holiday gift guide for tween boys and teen boys this holiday season

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Holiday Gift Guide for Teen Boys

The holidays are here, and same with my Holiday Gift guide for Teen Boys.  Last year I did a holiday gift guide for teen girls but didn’t get around with making one for teen boys. This year I have been determined to make the holiday guide for boys because so many moms are stumped on what to get their child.  But I have found many of these ideas just chatting with other moms of teen boys.  The boy age of 11/12 and up is especially hard because they are phasing out of the toy stage and many mothers don’t want holiday presents to be around video gaming.

This holiday gift guide for teen boys is a combination of what other friend moms with boys are planning to buy for their son.  Besides this gift guide, gift don’t have to be tangible but more of an experience–like a ski weekend away, season ski passes, an airplane ride, glider ride, horseback riding, passes to an amusement park.  You get the idea!

Let me know what you are planning to buy your teen boy!

Best Stores for Teen Boys:

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