Friday Favorites: Make-Up

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Today I’m talking about some of my favorites today: makeup.  I had to do a replenishment on my makeup recently, so I thought it would be a good time to talk about my favorite makeup items.  A few months ago I had a consultation with makeup artist Tirza Grant .  She did a whole “before” and “after” look on me and gave me tips on how to apply my makeup.  It was so great and educational!  I hope to do a more detail post on it in the future when I see her next.  Being a mom of four with a busy schedule I really needed new ways on how to hide my tired eyes and refresh my face.  Tirza showed me the proper way to apply makeup like…using a makeup brush and contouring the face.  Yes, I was guilty of using my fingers to apply makeup!  She also introduced me to makeup brands, which I had never used before and since have become my favorites.  I’ve spent so much money on makeup that I don’t like or isn’t the best quality.  It was money saving to sit down with Tirza and try out different brands on my face.

1. Nars Concealer–a concealer stick that is lightweight but long-lasting.  I like it because you can contour your nose and cheeks, and it’s like using a crayon to draw on your face.  It really helps with my dark circles and hiding blemishes on my face.
2.  Nars Blush–my favorite color is Orgasm.  It is really a beautiful color, and you really can’t go wrong with it.  I think it looks good on everyone.  The color has a healthy glow, and flatters the skin tone.  Orgasm has a golden shimmer to the pink blush that gives the effect of a radiant afterglow.
3.  Make Up For Ever foundation –this foundation has changed my face so much.  Its a high definition foundation, which is used often for women in front of the camera and television, but it’s still lightweight  and invisible so you don’t feel like you are wearing a mask.  I apply this with a brush after the concealer.
4.  Bobbi Brown Ink Liner — before liquid liner I would use a pencil liner and often times it would end up smeared or in my eye crease.  Tirza showed me how to properly apply liquid eye liner, and I have become a fan.  Not only does it last longer but it stays put!  Even in water.  Hello pool!
5.  Marc Jacobs Georgie Girl Lipstick—  I am loving Marc Jacobs lipsticks!  The colors are beautiful.  My favorite this summer is Georgie Girl pink lipstick.  It is the perfect pink.  Because of my dark hair I usually go dark and I was thinking it would be too light but I am loving the constrast.



Shirt: HM || Turquoise Earrings: DMJ
What are some of your makeup tips?



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