First Grade Date

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She’s been talking about it since the beginning of summer. Bragging to her brothers and then questioning me, “Mom? When are we going on our date?” We started the tradition last year when Stella entered kindergarten–a special mommy/daughter date. Just her and me. Honestly I thought she forgot about it, but apparently not. She remembers everything we did and makes it known to her younger brothers that they can’t go on a date with me until they are going into kindergarten. So it’s a little bit of a treat.

What did we do? Her number one request was to go get her nails done. Finger and toes. She choose pink nail polish with purple glitter. Then lunch at our favorite deli/salad shop. She was so excited because we got to sit in the big comfy chairs, which we don’t get to do when it’s the whole clan because the chairs are only for two. Then back-to-school shopping. Big time. I had to put all the back-to-school shopping on hold while I focused on bathroom stuff. Next time I’ll know not to do that. I had to go to three different stores just to find a box of 24 crayons! Major pick over.

Her favorite part of clothes shopping was having a say in what she wanted to wear.

Then actually trying on the clothes…in the dressing room.

After clothes shopping, we made a quick stop to her favorite cupcake store before heading home.

Here’s the final results. I think she looks adorable. And what’s more important is that she had a good first day of school.

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