Casual Fall Winter Beach Outfits

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casual beach outfit fall winter

beach outfit in fall or winter vest

Puffer Vest  | Striped Shirt | Jeans | Rain Boots | Mutze Hat (coming soon) | Canvas Bag

Casual Fall Winter Beach Outfits: We had family come into town this weekend, so to show them a good weekend we headed to Hilton Head, which is only a 3-hour drive from where we live.  So what is there to do at the beach during the fall and winter season?  There is so much!  We did a lot of exploring around the swamps/marshes of Hilton Head and saw an alligator (!), dolphin watching right on the beach and midnight beach walks for crab hunting.  I made sure to bring casual fall/winter outfits for me and my children.  Layering clothes, puffer vest and galoshes are a must when heading to the beach.  And just in case it rained, I did bring my Marmot jacket, but thankfully it didn’t.

beach-outfit-hunter-boots  beach-outfit-in-the-fall casual fall winter beach outfits hunter boots mutze hats puffer jacket

beach-outfit-hunter-boots-kidscasual fall winter beach outfits mutze hats beach-outfit-sitting-on-the-sand-with-child

On Chloe: Mutze Hat | Crewcuts Sweater (similar) | Leggings (similar) | Hunter Boots

Beach weather can quickly change, so make sure to bring a bag and throw in a rain jacket.  But there are many days that the weather is just gorgeous, so layering is the key.  We also brought beach toys for the children and a few balls to throw around.  The entire weekend I didn’t take off my Mutze hat.  I love those hats.  They are stylish and really keep you warm.  I’m excited to be carrying these hats this season in my shop–in just a few short days!

beach-outfit-fall-couple beach-outfit-couple-converse-shoes beach-outfit-leggings-and-converse-hat

converse shoes | Leggings (old) (similar) | chunky sweater (similar) | mutze hat

The next day we were there was really a casual outfit because I knew we were going to be walking a lot and exploring.  So leggings, converse shoes and chunky sweaters were my go-to fall winter beach outfit.  It was a gorgeous day, but it was windy so I had my puffer vest just in case it got cold.  So don’t think the beach is only for the summer time.  Enjoy the beaches in the fall winter seasons especially the ones that aren’t tropical.  There are so much to see!

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