Back to School Outfits for Kids to Middle Schoolers

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On Jackson: Shorts | Shirt | Shoes | Backpack | Lunchbag

On Chloe: Dress | Leggings | Shoes | Backpack | Lunchbag

Lucas: Shorts | Shirt | Shoes | Backpack

Stella: Dress | Shoes | Backpack | Lunchbag

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Back to School Outfits for Kids to Middle Schoolers

Back to School started for us on August 1st…this past Monday! Can you believe?! It’s so early, and we are so not done with summer. Wish we had another month to play in the sun. Summer really went by too fast. When you start the beginning of August that means you have to prep the end of July. Reading a school prospectus can give you an idea of what your child will need and what you need to buy, especially if the School prospectus design is clear and easy to read! Georgia is still in the height of summer, so I didn’t go too crazy on fall seasonal back-to-school clothing. But I did freshen up their wardrobe a bit with first day of school outfits. This year my baby Chloe started kindergarten! Where did the time go?? And my oldest Stella is a 7th grader! I remember when I was in 7th grade…like it was yesterday! Chloe has been ready to attend grade school for quite some time. She’s been asking when she will go all summer. My boys are in 2nd grade and 5th grade. I told them they need to watch and protect their little sister. They’ve taken this responsibility quite seriously with walking her to her classroom and helping her pack her backpack. And the other parts, that she gets really annoyed with, like telling her how to do her homework (well…she doesn’t quite have homework in kindergarten). Anyway, it’s only been a few days but we are taking this school stuff full swing. Here are a few of my favorite back to school outfits for kids to middle schoolers:

Backpacks: I have found that Pottery Barn Kids backpacks hold up quite well. I bought my boys backpacks two years ago, and they are still going strong. I think we can get one more year out of them. My older daughter loves backpacks with leather accents. They seem to be popular with the teen crowd. Northfield backpacks have a good reputation, so we went with this one for her this year.

Waterbottles: We love Camelbak waterbottles. They are more on the expensive side, but they hold up with kids (as long as they don’t lose them!). For my daughter, she opted for the Bobble waterbottles. I love how lightweight they are and how insulated the Bobble keeps the drink (either hot or cold).

Shoes: For my boys, we love Nike shoes. It could be because I love the brand but they do hold up. My boys go through sport shoes so quickly, and when I get a cheaper brand they will only last for three months at the most. Also, the south is very sporty so my boys like to dress in athletic gear. For my kindergartner, I like the price and the quality of Carter shoes.

What are some of your favorite brands for kids and middle schoolers?

Take advantage of the Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale for back to school outfits for kids to middle schoolers. Here are a few of my picks!

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