Watercolor Easter Eggs Place Cards


Watercolor Easter Eggs Place cards

I am excited to share with you my Easter table decorations all this week!  I love creating holiday entertaining tables, and listed below some of my past Easter tablescapes.  But first DIYs to make it your own!  I have been really into watercolor projects.  It’s definitely a trend lately, but working with watercolor paints are easy and mistake-free.  So, for my Easter table this year, I wanted to make watercolor Easter egg place cards.  These are not only a pretty project, but easy and one that you can do with your children.your children paint the eggs and then once dried, you write the name on it.  If you don’t know how to write calligraphy (like me) but love the look (like me), I am going to show you how use your favorite font using graphite paper (definitely a craft item you should always have on hand) on your painted Easter egg.


Watercolor Easter Eggs place cards

Supplies for Painting

acrylic paint



paint palatte

fake Easter eggs (or real!)



You can really do whatever you desire to make your eggs look beautiful.  But I suggest, especially with children painting, to limit each egg to two complementing colors.  You can keep your eggs simple by just painting a circle in the middle of your egg like above.  Or you can paint the entire egg one color.  Let it dry a couple minutes.  Then go back and paint sections with another color.  I used a lot of water when applying with the acrylic paint so the color wasn’t solid and would have versions of color tone.  Acrylic paint is suggested to use instead of actual watercolor paint because the watercolor paint didn’t stay on the egg.


Once your watercolor eggs have completely dried then you are ready to add the names to make it a watercolor Easter egg place cards and use on your Easter tablescape.

Supplies for Writing Names

sharp pencil or pen

graphite paper

print out of names in font


Graphite paper is basically transfer paper.  I love it and use it all the time!  One side of the paper can transfer patterns onto wood, plastic, ceramics, paper…whatever!  Make sure you use the correct side.  You just have to trace over the design (or in this case–the font) with a sharp pencil or pen with the graphite paper behind it and the design lightly transfer over to the item.  I typed out the names with the font I liked in microsoft word.  Printed it out.  Cut to size along with a little strip of graphite paper.  Using a sharp pencil, I traced over the name a few times so it transfers over to the egg.  Then using a sharpie, retraced it.

Do you remember the constellation jewelry dishes I made using graphite paper?  Or this love pillow?

watercolor-easter-egg-place-cards-how-to, scripted font names, graphite paper, sharpie project, painted eggs

You are now ready to display your watercolor Easter eggs place cards on your table!


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Don’t want to decorate Easter eggs?  Here are some options:

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