Simple Valentine Bar Cart

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Simple Valentine Bar Cart with Modern Heart Wreath || Darling Darleen Simple Valentine Bar Cart with Modern Heart Wreath || Darling Darleen Simple Valentine Bar Cart with Modern Heart Wreath || Darling Darleen

Simple Valentine Bar Cart

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays! Valentine’s Day, for me, is a celebration of LOVE. Love for each other, love for your spouse, love for your friends, love for your neighbors, love for your children. I really don’t think of Valentine’s Day as a romantic holiday, but more of a holiday for the love of mankind. So the giving of valentine cards and giving flowers is such a wonderful way to show a small gesture of love. It also provides you with the perfect opportunity to buy them gifts; ranging from aftershave, a pair of the coolest new trainers or a personalized face boxer with your face on. The latter is particularly a great idea as who wouldn’t want to wear underpants with their spouses’ face on? The possibilities for gifts are endless. Another reason why I love Valentine’s Day is because it was the day that my husband first took me out on a date. We were friends prior and hung out a lot on the ski slopes together, but Valentine’s Day was the first time he took me out on a real date. So the day holds a special place in my heart. When dating it is important to have your own interests. And, it is equally important to have time away from your partner. If they want to spend every waking (and sleeping) moment with you and are starting to cling, “make sure you nip that in the bud” recommends DatingPilot. Your date will be a better partner to you if they have their own interests and are capable of spending healthy time away from you. It’s good that we both had our own interests, I had my fashion, interiors, and crafts, obviously, and he had his own things. Having time to ourselves between dates is how all healthy relationships start and ours was no exception.

Well, you may know by now that I usually go all out on decorations for holidays, but not really for Valentine’s. Although I do like to decorate on the day of Valentines Day like when we have our morning breakfast or have fun desserts in the evening. So the decorations are more on the day of or a few days prior, not all month long. I thought a good way to decorate by keeping it minimal is with a simple valentine bar cart that you can scoot around the house but keep all the red and pink hearts all in one spot. If you don’t have a bar cart and do a lot of entertaining, then I would suggest get yourself a bar cart! I use mine all the time and it’s so nice to have an area for drink mixing near a serving table or a lounge area.

To style the bar cart, put all the drink mixers on the top shelf and use pie pedestals, pretty sturdy gift boxes and stands (or flip over a pretty plant pot) to create varying height. Place a vase of flowers or dessert yummies on those stands. Include on the top shelf drink stirrers and napkins. On the bottom shelf of a simple valentine bar cart, include more dessert valentine cookies or chocolates (whatever your sweet tooth wants). Place additional drink mixers on the bottom, if you are limited on top shelf space. You can also add a vase of flowers on the bottom if you weren’t able too on the top shelf. Then throw in a few random decorations around the items. Hang a garland if you’d like on your simple valentine bar cart. If the bar cart is up against a wall, I like to hang something above it to continue the visual height. I am still loving the modern wire wreaths (get the DIY), so I created one as a heart shape and added roses. So simple, yet elegant.

Happy Valentines Day!

Simple Valentine Bar Cart with Modern Heart Wreath || Darling DarleenSimple Valentine Bar Cart with Modern Heart Wreath || Darling Darleen



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