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One way of throwing a laid-back, informal baby shower is inviting all the guests to a night of manicures and pedicures at a nail salon. That’s what we did recently for my girlfriend Tiffany, who is expecting her second. She wanted a low-key shower but more of a girls’ night out. So, here’s what we did to have a successful party at a nail salon (and it doesn’t have to be just for a shower):

1.Call your local nail salons and ask them if they’d stay open after hours to hold a small gathering of friends for manicures and pedicures. Most of them will say “no”, but keep trying–you’ll be surprised. The best nail salons to call are the ones that have recently opened up for business. They are looking for clientles. Tell them it’s a perfect way to help with future business.
2. See if you can get a set price for a mani-pedi combo. The more friends that attend, the better the price. Let the salon know how many people. And make sure you inform your guests the price.
3. Ask the salon if you can have a 2-3 hour time frame. That’s usually how long a shower takes. During that time the girls can gradually be getting their feet and fingers done while others chat and mingle. (This was a big mistake that we did not do. The salon was fully staffed to take on our group and completed everyone in a hour. After an hour, they wanted to kick us out. We had to keep them occupied with food. )
4. Prepare small serving plates with cheese and crackers or finger food. You can have them scattered throughout the salon. Prepare to share with the salon staff :).

(some of the ladies from the shower)

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