Mr. Jack Turns One

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Oh my baby. He’s one. And I’m sad. He’s the baby that I’ve wanted to not grow up. Hold on to infancy. Maybe because he is probably my last and that makes me sad. But I’ve enjoy every minute of his kissable self. Honestly his birthday snuck up on me. Here are some fun facts about Mr. Jack:

-he is almost walking! I don’t know if that’s good or bad chasing after three children.
-his best friend is his older brother, who is already teaching him the importance of cars, monster trucks and dinosaurs.
-watch out! He BITES when he is tired or cranky. OUCH!
-still very interested in opening/closing containers, doors, boxes and figuring out how things work for instance how to open the upstair’s gate so he can escape!
-has an incredible instinct to know when something off-limits becomes available to explore for example when someone leaves the toilet seat up, a light bulb goes off in his little brain and he’s quickly crawling to play in the toilet bowl. Or if someone leaves the gate open he is crawling toward the stairs. Electrical outlets–very interesting to him! Yikes!

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