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Stella turned the big 5 and choose to have a Hello Kitty party for her celebration. Her request this year was no boys because well…boys don’t like Hello Kitty. But, I think she secretly wanted to invite a few boys from her class with a few comments she made. So, what do you do at a Hello Kitty party besides plaster Hello Kitty’s face everywhere? Good question.

We started off with the invitations–Hello Kitty face, stars, pink, purple…you get the idea. Stella wanted to help so she glued and glued cardstock on top of cardstock. Gluing is a big thing in kindergarten. It took a long time for those invitations to dry.

Next I decided that it would be fun if the girls actually got dolled up as Hello Kitty at the party. Oh boy. They liked that. So a few days before I went out and bought black stretchy headbands and white felt. I cut Hello Kitty ears out of the felt and hot glued the ears to the headbeads. Then I bought pink felt and made hair clips–perhaps I’ll do a tutorial post on making the hair clip. I made enough hair clips for each girl. At the party the girls were able to decorate their hairclips with gemstones and other felt shapes. Then after they were done decorating their hair clips, their face was painted with whiskers and nose. And voila! You have a Hello Kitty.

Another activity the girls did was stamping. I gave each a few notecards and envelopes, pulled out all my stamps and pads and they had a blast stamping away. Very Hello Kitty. We didn’t play any games–I think the hair clips burnt me out. But that was okay because all the girls wanted to do was play in the playroom and with each other. Decorations–white flowers, paper lanterns hung all over the ceiling with pink table items. The favor buckets I bought from Target in the dollar section. All the Hello Kitty and girlie items were purchased from Target in the dollar section. The food–I took English muffins and with a cookie cutter shaped them as stars. I made little star pizza and served with strawberries, pretzels and Izze drinks.
The cake. Oh I loved this cake. So beautiful and it was so yummy with strawberry buttercream. There were a lot of little details that made it just perfect. And no. I did not make the cake that is the talent of Palmer’s Market.
Look how cute these kittys are?! I saw a few of them the other day, and they were wearing their Hello Kitty hair clips. I think that means the party was a success.

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