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This is what I’ve been dealing with all week–a gutted bathroom. We weren’t planning on doing THIS much renovation but we had some surprises when we opened everything up. We really shouldn’t be surprised since it’s a 80-year-old bathroom but somehow we are shaking our heads wondering how we can get out of this without breaking the bank. We are trying to salvage our tub. It is a really great apron tub that you can’t find today. It’s long and deep. I really don’t want to get rid of it. However, it’s not in the best condition so I’m really in two minds. I have seen some great Anzzi bath tubs which could be a good replacement but I’m still very unsure. We just can’t believe we’ve got a very old and falling apart bathroom, but we’re staying optimistic. We know that there’s absolutely brilliant plumbing services out there that may be able to salvage the bath and the plumbing work that seems to be falling apart with the rest of the bathroom. They may even be able to do it without pulling up any more floorboards and walls…San Diego Pipelining offer Epoxy Pipelining that is inserted into the current pipe. It’s done without tearing up any floors and walls, which saves you on time, cost and exhaustion of pipe removal and replacement. This sounds like just what we need! Hopefully, once this is done we can get this bathroom looking as good as new again. Right now, it seems absolutely hopeless with the state it’s in, but I am sure we can get it looking bright and cheerful. After all, no one wants to go to the bathroom with it in a repulsive state!

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