Frozen Homemade Pies

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When we went apple picking in September, I made a bunch of apple pies and froze them for future use. I’m so glad I did! I’m going to be using one of my frozen homemade apple pies for Thanksgiving. A couple of weeks ago we tried one of them and I actually liked it better frozen/cooked then when I make it fresh. The crust was flakier and moist.

Here are my suggestions–Make the pies but do not bake (works best for recipes that don’t use dairy products–for instance pumpkin pie). Wrap with a couple of layers of Saran Wrap then put in freezer zip lock bags. Use aluminum pie pans. Then store in a pie box so you can stack one on top of another in freezer. I got my pie boxes from BRP Box Shop. When ready to use, let it thaw in fridge. Then cook.

Homemade pies also are great gifts! We just had new neighbors move in next door and as a welcome gift, we gave them one of these homemade apple pies.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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