3 Months

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I’ve gotten some comments from friends far away that I need to post more pictures of my little baby. She is 3 months now and growing! She is really is adapting well to our family and loves all the chaos and commotion. Here’s what is up with Chloe:

  • Her biggest accomplishment–sleeping through the night! Yippee! But she has to be put down a very specific way or else it doesn’t work. And I seem to be the only one who knows how to do it.
  • She still has a newborn cry
  • She’s laid back and doesn’t need constant attention
  • Loves to be sitting up to see everything. I really need to buy one of those bumbo seats.
  • Has found her fingers and finds them quite tasty. I hope she doesn’t suck her thumb like my other two.
  • Loves the attention she gets from big brother Lucas
Lucas was helping me take her pictures. She was completely focused on him and wouldn’t smile for me. I had him join in on the fun.
Chloe’s felt headband is from Lou & Lee
Cloth diapers are GroVia

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