Why I don’t Shop at Walmart

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Can I vent? I don’t usually do a whole lot of complaining or expressing my frustrations on my blog but how my day ended definitely needs to be noted for future reminders of why I don’t shop at Walmart. I’m still shaken up about their horrible customer service. I don’t know what it is, but everytime I enter into that store it’s always a bad experience.

So, the reason for this adventure was to get a prescription. And Walmart happened to be the only store with the medicine we needed. My luck, of course. It was suppose to be an in-and-out trip. Get it and go. But no. Their pharmacy pick-up window told me I needed to go to the drop-off window for missing information. Next I know I’m at the drop-off window for about 30 minutes (no joke!) talking to the pharmacy lady who didn’t seem to know what she was doing and kept repeating the same questions after questions about twenty times! During this time, the meltdowns happen. First it’s Lucas. Screaming. He’s tired; it’s naptime. Then Jackson. He is hungry. Very, very hungry. Crying and crying until his little face was bright red. Then it’s Stella. She is bored, and she has loudly made it known to me. A long line started to form behind me. People stood there in amazement as they listen to the bloody screaming of my children.

Finally I’m given the okay to leave the line, but have to wait another 20 minutes to pick up the medicine. If I leave the store, I know I’m not going to come back with three crying children. So, I head to the customer service area to nurse my screaming little baby. I bribe Stella and Lucas with a donut to quit their crying. As I start to plop down on the bench and relieve my baby’s hunger pains I get barked at by one of Walmart’s employees that I’m absolutely not allowed to nurse in public. She orders me to leave the bench and that I can only nurse in a bathroom stall…with my two other kids. And a disguising tiolet in my face. I was completely caught off guard. Told her I had a nursing cover and that no one would see. Not acceptable. I was shaking with anger, but my main focus was this screaming baby who needed me. So we all somehow fit in this bathroom stall and I feed Jackson. And I completely lost it along with Lucas and Stella. All three of us crying. It was horrible. But finally Jackson was happy.

I came from the bathroom and made a complaint. Talked to a manager and got an apology. But I’m still mad. Mad that I didn’t stand up for myself or my child. Mad that nursing a child is looked down on. Mad that I got yelled at and practically banned from Walmart because I choose to breastfeed my child. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day breastfeeding is banned from public property. It’s just sad how some people preceive breastfeeding. So, that’s my reason why I choose not to shop at Walmart. I know the prices are cheap. But it’s not worth the headache.
Update: I found out that Connecticut (and most states) has a law to protect a mother’s right for breastfeeding a child in public. I did write to Walmart’s corporate office and received an apology. Also the head manager at that particular Walmart contacted me and apologize and addressed the employee who discriminated against me. She also said her other employees have been notify the right of a nursing mother. That’s all I needed was an apology and public awareness. What I learned from this experience was that I need to be more vocal and stand up for my rights and beliefs.

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