Valentine Friendship Bracelet + download

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I was hoping to get this year’s valentines up last week but it was a hectic week, so here they are.  I saw the friendship bracelet idea on pinterest and design mom and thought it would be perfect for Stella to do.  She received a friendship bracelet making kit for christmas and has enjoyed making a few for her friends.  But has felt underpressure to make one for ALL of her friends.  So, giving them as Valentines was a perfect idea.  We stuck with a simple braid to make the process go fast.

Pink, purple, red thread for the girls and blue, black, green thread for the boys

I love play on words for Valentine cards and this phrase works perfect for the hand and friendship bracelet.

Here’s what you need:
embroidery thread–your choice of colors
clipboard (to hold down the thread when braiding)
white cardstock
hole punch
heart-shaped lollipops (optional)
Instructions: cut three different colors of embroidery thread about 12 inch long x 2–so there will be two 12 in. threads per each color.  Tie all the threads in knot.  Separate the threads in half.  Put a pencil in between them and while holding the pencil tie another knot with all the threads together.  So there will be a loop between two knots.  Attach to the clipboard and start braiding.  At the end, tie a large knot.  To wear the bracelet, put the knot in the loop and it will stay secure. 
Print the friendship bracelet hand on white cardstock.  Cut out each hand.  Sign and put two hole punches at the bottom to hold the bracelet.  We also got heart-shaped lollipops and secured them on the heart on the hand and in between the bracelet and the valentine. 

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