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I’ve been toiling with the idea of joining up with a local coop farm. And when I found one that I liked, I was too late and now I’m on the waiting list for next year. Screw that! I’ll just grow my own vegetables. So, for the previous week my children’s adopted East Coast grandpa, who use to be a Vermont farmer, came to my house and helped me dig up part of our backyard and till the ground so I can have my own vegetable garden. We made it 20 ft by 6 ft so it’s a good size but still manageable. I planted the first of my crops last week. There’s nothing yet, but I went out there this morning and already see sprouts.

Also, I went in with some other people and bought a grass-feed cow. I get the meat in a couple of weeks and it should last us a long time and save us money. Price out organic beef at the grocery store next time–it’s expensive! Next…backyard chickens. No joke…but that’s another post.

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