Testing the Costumes

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This past weekend was our church Halloween party, and we got to test out the costumes while having a good time of course. Did I mention that I have a bad camera? Bad. Almost every picture I took, eyes were closed or images smeared. Anyway, I went with the lion costume for Lucas–he looked like a cutie poop when he had his lion hoodie up, which was very infrequent since he did not like it on his head. I do, however, wish we went with the Peter Pan costume from the Disney store (I tried, I tried. The Disney store closed at the mall I went too), especially since there were about five other little boys who were also lions. Stella costume was adorable, although most people thought she was a fairy and not Tinkerbell (wait, I think Tinkerbell is a fairy–whatever). Anyway, we will have to bobby pin her headband since it didn’t stay put and do her makeup a little better. Maybe a little lion nose on Lucas too. All for the big night, huh? The party was a lot of fun…for kids. I think most of the husbands were chatting with each other (I know mine was), while the moms were chasing after their kids. Lots of fun booths, and Stella even participated in the “donut on a string” booth. And of course, the best of the night is the trunk or treat!

“Donut on a String” Booth. Stella ate very sssllooowww.
Stella with her other fairy friend Lila.

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