Storing Your Jewels

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Recently, I’ve been selling my jewelry, I quickly offloaded it for money and am looking for new pieces. Something I’ve noticed while doing this is the number of people who don’t know how to properly store their jewelry pieces. If you want your jewelry looking its best with years of enjoyable wear, you’ve got to give them some loving care. And when you aren’t dazzeling in your jewelry, store them in a protective jewelry bag or even a zip-lock bag. For larger pieces, dresser drawers come handy or a jewelry box. There are quite a few jewelry boxes on the market today so it’s a case of doing your research to find the best one. For example, is it made out of strong material, is it well made, is it worth the cost, do the company offer free shipping all over Australia? Questions like this can really help you find the best option for you. Here’s some other simple rules:

  • always put jewelry on after using cosmetics, hair spray or perfumes. The chemicals may cause damage to the stones.
  • don’t wear jewelry to bed. It prevents possible damage.
  • avoid wearing jewelry in the shower, swimming, working out or washing dishes. It not only dims the shine, but also can shorten the life of the jewels.

And remember, the one metal that requires a lot of maintenance is sterling silver. When it’s exposed to air, it naturally tarnishes and requires occasional cleaning. So, when your sterling piece isn’t on you, put it in a zip lock bag–not just thrown in a jewelry box or on the top of your dresser. The good thing about sterling silver it that it can be cleaned to it’s original luster. Click here for more jewelry care info.
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