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My kids are becoming huge “wanters”. It drives me crazy and it makes shopping very unpleasant. They are always begging for new toys, and if we buy a toy for a birthday party they have to have one for themself too. Well, I should say the problem is more with Stella, but the behavior is rubbing off on Lucas. Honestly, compared to other houses we’ve been to, my kids don’t have a lot of toys. Not that they don’t have ANY toys, but just not a lot of toys. I guess it’s because I just don’t buy them–only for special occasions. Never out of the ordinary. However, now that I’ve been exposed to other kid’s playrooms, I feel kind of bad for my kids. And now I feel the pressure that I NEED to buy toys for them. They’re usually watching this one particular Youtube channel on the TV which hasn’t really made me think of buying them more toys! This brings me back to the fact that I don’t like them been “wanters” or being too spoiled–also I love to see their imagination become alive with just a pile of rocks and sticks. So, I’ve created a sticker chart. We’ll see how it goes–she gets a sticker for a variety of things I would like her to work on and once filled up–we take a special trip to the toy store. I don’t know–I’m kind of making random decisions in the dark.

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