Somber Weekend

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My grandpa died this weekend. My heart is sad, but happy for him at the same time. He didn’t want to live after my grandma died six years ago. All of his siblings and their spouses have moved on to the next life, the last one only a few months before my grandma, it was my uncle who died of a traumatic brain injury, we didn’t have to get a brain injury law firm involved as the accident was just that, a simple falling down the stairs accident at home. So now with the last of his siblings gone and then my grandma he was all alone (besides his children). After my grandma passed away all those years ago, we asked him what he thought about moving into an independent living community, as he was still at that stage of his life where he was able to look after himself. We were just worried that he might be a bit lonely living in a house on his own. At least if he lived in a community, he would have daily company. We showed him the Seville complex that can be found at La Posada Senior Living and I particularly loved the look of it; there was just so much that you could do. But he told us that he would feel more comfortable in his home for the time being, which was absolutely fine. It wouldn’t be long until he had to move into a nursing home anyway, and that is where he lived the rest of his life. I just still can’t believe he’s gone. I know his body is now back to it’s youthful state, and he has embraced his eternal companion and finally met his parents (they died when he was only two years old) and his son (who also died in infancy) and his grandma who raised him and all his siblings. I know he is happy and that makes me happy…but it is still sad, especially since he was such an important figure in my life–someone that I did not want to let down and still don’t. Although what brings me peace is to know that I will see him again, and death is only a part of living but not the end of living. Grandpa left behind six living children, 39 grandchildren, and 60+ great grandchildren. As I reflect on his life and the person he was, I feel so grateful to be apart of an amazing heritage.

Grandma and Grandpa Christensen

Last picture taken with Grandpa at his nursing home.

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