Small Confession: Picking

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I like to pick…my face. I know. It’s kind of gross. But I find a joy in picking my black heads and white heads. It’s such a great feeling conquering them. I’m an adult now and I should not be breaking out…but I do. My dermatologist tells me it’s a bad habit, and I need to quit it. Although the last time I got a facial done, the lady said I need to come in once a month to get the deep-cleansing facials a.k.a. the facial where they pick my black heads. So, now I’m confused. I think I’ll just go ahead and keep picking. Or maybe I need to start using Proactive. Does that stuff really work?? Oh, oh! I can get my picking satisfaction from picking other people’s faces. That’s so fun. I often corner my husband and go to work…that is on his face.

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