Small Confession: Natural Light

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Give me some natural light! I need it. My body needs it. My sanity needs it. My daily dose of vitamin D. The first thing I do in the morning is open all the shades. Absolutely first thing. Then I tend my kids; then I make the beds; then I eat breakfast. When we were searching for homes, one of the things that we wanted was a south-side facing home with energy efficient windows . Not only good feng shui, but we get natural light in the house all day and the windows trap with warmth in. Honestly, there is nothing better. With good natural light, I do not like to turn indoor lights on at all during the day and I rarely have to put the heating system on. Even if a room can use a little brightness, I still wait until it’s dark outside. Glad we have a sunroom–that’s room I soak up all the rays while indoors.

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