Six Months

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six months old my baby of mine…

She makes my heart leap every time I get to snuggle her and breathe her sweet baby smell.  Having a baby girl around has been quite fun since having two boys back to back.  Six months is when all the really cute clothes come out especially the summer dresses.  It’s been fun pulling out old baby clothes I dressed Stella in and reminiscing when she was a baby. 

Chloe has been a complete delight in our family and we can’t imagine life without her.  She’s the cherry on top.  Her personality is coming out with babbles and giggles and lots of curiosity of the world around her.  And she said “mama” the other day…but I’m thinking it was just her sounds.  She loves her siblings and wants to be around them all the time.  Rolling and rolling around the floor is her favorite past time.  Not quite sitting up but getting there.  And she’s got her first tooth coming in.

Chloe is wearing Hartstring vintage sailor

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