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Whenever the holidays come up, there is always a sale. And it seems like I’ve heard of a lot happening this weekend. I think the Nordstroms Half-Yearly sale started yesterday. Today I ran over to Anthropologie and what do you know? They are having a sale….or are they? They put out sale racks all over the parking lot. The front section of the store was all sale items. People were having a frenzy–grabbing all they could. And the prices weren’t even that good. So as I was shopping (with my two crazy kids), I realize that it was just their normal backroom sale section but moved to the front of the store and outside. A sale that they always have. No additional discount; no special incentives. I did get some stuff, but I thought to myself how moving a sale rack to the front by the door and throwing sale signs everywhere can really drive people’s shopping antics.

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