Plimoth Plantation

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Stella missed her Thanksgiving feast at school. They were preparing and talking about it all month. She was so sad when she woke up sick and couldn’t attend. So by the end of the week we decided to visit Plymouth Mass. where it all began and take in the history. We saw Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower (replica). Those were cool to see.

But our favorite and where we spent the most time was at Plimoth Plantation. This is where they recreated a 1627 Pilgrim English village and a Native American homesite. In the village you can enter into the homes and talk to the Pilgrims, who only answer in Old English. It was fascinating!
You really start to feel like you’ve been transported back in time, and then you ask them questions about their hardships settling in a new world and their relationship with the Native People. The village has roaming farm animals and each home has a real garden. It was cold outside so most were inside heating up a stew on their fires. The Wampanoag Homesite was neat because you got to hear about their ancestors and see the traditional deerskin clothing. By the time we got to the homesite my camera was full so i got no pictures!

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