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My girlfriend Heidi had an extra ticket to The Nate Berkus Show, which just premiered this week, and she invited me to go with her. Going to tapings of shows are always fun but they are long…like four hours long! But it was worth it to escape my normal day to head into the city to spend time with my good friend and, of course cutie patootie Nate. I have to make a note that I left my house, drove to the city, parked and got to the Nate Berkus audience door in only 45 minutes. That was a record time!

Julianne Moore was his guest. I love her sense of interior design and how she makes sure that everything in her house is childproof. Remember that Domino article featuring her decorating her friend’s apartment? Anyway, she was cute and so beautiful! We had front row seats. And I got to shake Nate’s hand and he rubbed my belly! Or maybe he just made a comment about my belly. I can’t remember! Either way it was quite funny. I’m not sure when that episode airs but if you happen to watch the show, you might get a glimpse of me on the taping with Julianne Moore. Because you are all dying to see me on TV!

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