Minecraft Valentine 3-D Cube Box

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I never thought I’d be crafting up Minecraft Valentines for my two sons who are obsessed with the video game.  They like it so much that I get them scrubbing toilets so they can play the game.  Tough mom.  Or I like to think smart mom.

Anyway, my 2nd grader did not want to have ANYTHING to do with cutesy, lovey-dovey Valentine cards.  He didn’t want any of the girls in his class to think he actually LIKED them…much less love them.  And he wanted to be “cool” with his friends.  So we decided to do these 3-D cube Minecraft Valentine boxes.  I have a feeling I might be reusing these boxes in the future for a birthday or something.  They came out has cute as Minecraft can be and are pretty useful.

Here’s what you do:
2. Sign your name on the dotted line
3. Cut
4. Fold on the line
5. Glue tabs to the opposite side of paper
6.  Fill with your favorite Valentine candy
7. Use some tape to keep the top flap down
minecraft valentine cube box
minecraft valentine cube box
minecraft valentine cube box printable
Have fun MINING!
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