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Lucas has had a few milestones this week. We get so excited when he does something new– well, because it just doesn’t happen so often. When Stella was a baby, she was doing stuff new all the time and was walking by the time she was 9.5 months. So, we just thought it was normal and didn’t really get excited. Now, Lucas is about 10.5 months and he finally took his first crawling steps. I was freaking out with excitement! He has been doing the commando crawling for a few month but not up on all fours crawling. And another milestone is that he said “hot” today. He was just copying what his Mama said. Another freak out session. I had to make sure he said it a few times just to make sure it WAS the word “hot”. We are very proud of our little boy. Here is a picture of him standing in his crib–he got up all by himself. Go Luke!

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