Making a List

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So, I’ve been making multiple New Year’s resolution lists. Yeah, I made sure to cover the basics. But here are a few that go in the Miscellaneous List:

1. Make my bed every morning
2. Limit Target trips to twice a month
3. Smile to those who are approaching me with a frown
4. Remove the word “hate” from my vocabulary and replace with “dislike” and “abhor”
5. Breathe and count to 10 before I yell at my kids
6. Be better about doing the laundry–perhaps that might help me spend less on clothes!
7. Finish projects before I start new ones
8. Enjoy at least 5 minutes of cuddle time with each child (that’s hard to do with a school-age kid)
9. Don’t wear jeans everyday.
10. More girls’ night outs

{image via Oh Happy Day via Kate Spade}

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