Lucas’s Birthday Party

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While we were in Vegas, we decided to throw a birthday party for Lucas so he could celebrate his second year of life with cousins, family members and Vegas friends. The theme was cars because right now he loves anything with four wheels.

For the decorations, I saved milk cartons, cut the top off and had some of my older nieces paint the cartons to look like traffic lights. I then bought red, yellow, green and black balloons and weighed them down with sand and put the sand bag in the carton. These were the centerpieces and there were four tables. I bought black and white checkered flag garland and hung them around the backyard umbrellas. Also each table had a checkered table runner over a colored table cloth. I loaded up a large toy dump truck with chips as the center of the food table. Each food dish had race car flags sticking out of them.

My sister Marleen made a fabulous race car cake with a large number two as the race track. For games/activity, the kids each painted a little wooden car. Outside we had a matchbox car play area and a pop-up kidsize fire truck. Then we played pin the car on the race track and had an obstacle course. After food and cake, we had a pinata, which the older kids went crazy and completely demolished. Then presents. It was a lot of fun.

Pretty simple. I didn’t have a lot of time to put into. I was glad to have happy nieces excited to help me get everything together. Also a mom who did all the food and fed well over 50 people. A sister who brought over the play toys and another sister who made the cake. Thanks!
The adults hiding in the house to avoid the chaos.
Ashley, Ella, Julene and little Benjamin
Good friend Judi and her beautiful family came down from Salt Lake to visit. Miss her and love her. Wish we had more time together.

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