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I really like getting my kids involved with the Valentine-making process.  It’s a good way for them to use their creative juices, takes little responsibility off of me and since it’s something they are making for classmates, they always talk about things that happen at school…good or bad.  We get a lot done!   

For my kindergartener we decided to make Lovebug Valentines and he worked SO hard on them, wanting to make each lovebug look and resemble each classmate.  But he didn’t always make them by physical traits but more by their emotional traits.  Funny, huh?  Let’s just say that all the girls he had crushes on, had heart-shaped bug antennae.

Lovebugs are so cute.  I was once a proud lovebug collector!  I remember sticking them all over my bookshelf as a child.  But this is the first time I have actually MADE one and they are really easy to make:
Here’s what you need:
wiggly eyes
fuzzy/shimmery felt balls (different shapes)
heart-shaped foam stickers
colorful pipe cleaners
quick dry tacky glue
All these items I purchased at Michaels right around Valentines.  Put all the items in assorted bowls, cover your working table with kraft paper or an old table cloth and let your kids go to down with glue and creating their little lovebugs. 
After we let the lovebugs dry for 24hrs, I printed the lovebug valentine label on a full-page (8.5×11) white shipping labels.  Cut on markers and stick onto a box of Sweethearts candies.  I kept the labels simple because then they can be colored on with crayons and of course personalized with the giver’s name.    


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